Partial Shipments

Our Partial shipment service are key because they help our clients create a better customer experience.

We understand that our clients would lose the entire order if they couldn’t do partial shipments. They would have turned the customer away because they couldn’t fulfill the entire order at once. We help our clients not lose business and retain clients for life.

Because of us, our clients can then work out an agreement with their customers that allows for partial shipment. In this way, we give our clients the ability to process large orders, and ship requested products in two or more deliveries. Helping them their customer’s expectations.

Many moving companies charge a minimum weight for each shipment, meaning small move customers pay for the weight they don’t have. But at Blackstone, we fill a niche serving small move customers, meaning you won’t be charged a minimum weight. And, you’ll get a wide range of solutions to meet your budget.

So whether you are moving one piece of furniture or a houseful, let Blackstone save you time and money. When you work with Blackstone, you won’t be dialing a national call center where the person answering your call may not have the authority to help you. Here at Blackstone, we are the business owners, so we own the care of your job. Our name is at the bottom. Ask for us. We’ll be glad to give you that personal touch for your move. No hidden charges, no unseen fees. Just the best move service from Blackstone. 

Blackstone provides the following Partial Shipments Services

  • Full-service pickup in the U.S.
  • Flexible pickup dates available.
  • Standard or expedited delivery options that meet your budget.
  • Free personalized quote for the cost of pick up and shipping.
  • Destination services include standard or premium level white glove delivery service, where available.